Quarter-Finals | The Breakdown

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As June begins, the competitive spirit around AOA grows. It fosters a camaraderie among the students; whether they enjoy watching sports or simply supporting their friends on the sidelines, the bleachers have been filled with non-athletic peers, family, and scouts from various universities. This can be a nerve-wracking experience for even the senior participants, let alone all the freshmen who have joined our teams.

11 June – 13 June | AOA v. Multiple (Dual Meets)


Secoiya Rieviere and Wade Rivers outshined the competition in the 400 yard freestyle relay. Quanesia Atkins earned a near perfect score in the 1 meter dive, and Sebaysha Frank pulled ahead in the 500 yard freestyle–even so, it was the de la Fuente siblings who stole the show with their scores in the 100 yard butterfly. Dylan de la Fuente also came in second in the 100 yard breaststroke. The entire team will move onto the championships, where they will compete as individuals and teams of two. Make us proud, swimmers!

13 June – 15 June | Devils v. Blades


The Devils are on a roll this season; they pulled ahead of the Medarry Blades 2-1 in a narrow victory. Omari Leonard, one of the few witches on the team, put the other team to shame when he caught their fly balls and contributed to a handful of their outs. Olympia Lopez and Scout Covarrubias were some of the fastest runners out there; Lopez stole three bases before being called out, and Covarrubias stole two before making it all the way home thanks to Rigby’s homerun. Myrrh Fakrana injured his wrist attempting to catch a line drive, so Kyung-Mi Maeng stepped in to take his place. We’re unsure of Fakrana’s condition at this time, but we wish him a speedy recovery as the Devils move on to the finals.

14 June – 15 June | Striders v. Kings


These were a couple of tense games for the Striders for a couple different reasons. Firstly because it was a quarter-final match against the Vimine Kings, who are a force to be reckoned with. Secondly, it was Jude Bruton’s return to the sport, and while one would have a hard time telling that he had been barred from football practice, you could certainly see how having him back on the field threw the entire team off. He was on the offensive, poaching goals and intercepting his own teammates. I’m not sure the Striders would have pulled through if it weren’t for Zahra Silveira’s leadership, Horace Bruton’s loyalty, and Dagger Heywood’s impenetrable defense. The team will really need to come together if they hope to win the semi-finals.

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Feliks Kotov

sports reporter

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