Faculty & Staff

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Dr. Shararah, Headmistress & Healer

Our inspired headmistress is a Hunter hailing from a long line of phoenixes. Strong and driven, she earned a bachelor’s in Secondary Education and Biochemistry, a master’s in International Relations and Psychology, and a doctorate in Clinical Medicine. When she isn’t spear-heading the success of our students, she is taking the time to contribute to their education by teaching History of Magick I/II and acting as Academy healer.

During her student tenure at AOA, she dominated the science and drama clubs; paved the way for progress by founding the LGBT+ Alliance Club, the Fashion Club, and the AOA Guide Initiative through her peer tutoring; and remained a prominent high-ranking member of both the student council and the Hunter Honor Society.

Dr. Shararah took over as headmistress following the recent and tragic disappearance of her uncle Zohar, explorer of the otherworlds. We at AOA pray for the former headmaster’s swift return to his family, and would like to assure the families of our students that they are in fantastically capable hands.

Col. Zhang Ru, Dean

The elven dean hailing from China is infamous throughout the dark dimension. A former Olympic athlete and gold medalist in archery, this valiant Enchanter has defended the supernatural realm for over two and a half centuries, advancing to colonel prior to his military retirement. As if his decorated jacket were not impressive enough, Col. Ru also has a bachelor’s in Secondary Education, where he majored in world history with a special focus on Eastern history.

During his time as a student at our academy, the future Col. Ru excelled in archery and the History of Magick. He founded the Woodworking Club, was the vice president of the History Club and a member of the Enchanter Honor Society, and participated in various sports, including baseball, wrestling, and gymnastics.

Anaxagoras, Director of Admissions

The renowned Greek philosopher has been with the Academy for several millennia, providing much needed insight and amenities to the undead community since he became a shade. Anaxagoras is considered the head Haunter at AOA, going so far as to bring in more ghost students than any other supernatural institution. He personally put in place the separate honor societies in order to eliminate bias across the three houses, ensuring the recognition of our top students regardless of their classification.

Director Anaxagoras also teaches the Astronomy elective and heads the corresponding club, instilling a love of the cosmos in students to this day.

Socorro Montero, University Counselor

Mrs. Montero is the bridge between our students and their future. Possibly our most vital and inclusive member of faculty, she hails from Barcelona, Spain and a strong lineage of xana. Her very existence bridges the gap between Enchanters and Haunters, as many have speculated that xana are either changelings, benevolent fairies, or dark spirits. The counselor uses this to her advantage, her very empathetic nature and deductive reasoning perfect for deciphering the desires of our students.

Mrs. Montero has earned three master’s degrees; one in Strategic Communication Management and Public Relations, another in Research Sociology and Demography, and the final in Theoretical and Applied Linguistics.

Dr. Eun-Ji Park, Behavioral Specialist

Dr. Park is a Hunter from Silla, and is one of only three kumiho alive today. Her family status is what originally piqued her interest in the behavior of others, especially her relationship with the autistic youth of her home.

Dr. Park earned a doctorate in Psychology before she sought her master’s in Sociology and Applied Behavior Analysis. It is thanks to her expertise that the Academy of Occult Arts has become accessible not just to autistic youth, but to all of our students with disabilities, apparent and non-apparent.

Dr. Ufuoma Temitope, Academy Psychologist

This Hunter from Western Africa broke barriers when she began working with the students at AOA. Most psychologists in the dark dimension are either Enchanters or Haunters, lending to the harmful stereotype that the members of our growing population of shapeshifters cannot be empathetic to others. Dr. Temitope proved those prejudices false; her identity as a werehyena and her casual rapport with the students brought forth a surge of regulars to her office. Desperate to quell the anxieties experienced by our youth, our psychologist has worked with our staff to allow weekly group sessions with the students, giving the individual a chance to be heard by their peers as well as discover that they are not alone on their journey.

Dr. Temitope has a doctorate in Clinical Psychology and a master’s in both School Psychology and Secondary Education. Aside from counseling our students, she also teaches the Psychology course.

Social Studies Department

Prof. Petar Blagojević

  • History of the Undead I/II
  • Geography
  • Political Science
  • Economics
  • Human Relations
  • Anthropology

Prof. Blagojević is also the chief advisor for the History Club and the Undead Support Group.

Prof. Avra Katsaros

  • History of Occult Creatures I/II
  • Human Politics
  • International Relations
  • Sociology
  • Human History

Prof. Katsaros also manages the Drama Club and school theatre troupe in conjunction with Prof. Keene.

Literature & Language Department

Prof. Hozan Tilki

  • Language Essentials I/II
  • World Literature
  • Comparative Literature
  • Poetry

Prof. Natasha Penn

  • Language Essentials III/IV
  • Charms & Incantations I/II
  • Contemporary Literature
  • Creative Writing
  • Journalism

Prof. Penn is the head of the Journalism Club, chief advisor for the school newsletter and website, and she and Prof. Tilki manage the Creative Writing Club.

Mathematics Department

Prof. Hypatia

  • Geometry
  • Algebra I/II
  • Philosophy

Prof. Évariste Demante

  • Trigonometry
  • Calculus
  • Foreign Language I/II: French
  • Debate

Prof. Augusta King

  • Integrated Mathematics
  • Statistics
  • Computer Programming
  • Personal Finance

Science Department

Prof. Alice Ball

  • Chemistry
  • Human Relations
  • Anatomy & Physiology of the Undead

Prof. Charles Turner

  • Biology
  • Earth Science
  • Zoology

Prof. Carolyn Parker

  • Physics
  • Integrated Mathematics

Electives & Class-Specifics

Prof. Mars Cromwell – Drawing/Painting & Art History

Prof. Catherine Bowyer – Ceramics/Sculpture

Prof. Narbona Dacal – Botany

Prof. Valoree de Ardo – Advanced Magick I/II

Prof. Jakob Bartholdy – Music Theory, Band (Concert/Classical)

Prof. Ira Keene – Drama/Theatre

Prof. Sally Booth – Dance

Prof. Cobalt Danvers – Autobody Shop, Assimilation, Metalworking

Prof. Kizzy Stratton – Divination, Magick Essentials, Magickal Properties

Prof. Rayn Cloud – Transformation Basics, Anatomy & Physiology of a Shapeshifter

Coach Kendall Hartley – Oceanography, Swimming/Diving

Prof. Arima Hirosue – Gymnastics, Martial Arts

Coach Cynisca – Physical Health & Fitness, Team Sports

Coach Mnemosyne – Physical Health & Fitness, Team Sports



Head Chef Gegmeh Moonscar – Chef de cuisine

Chef Arakkila Leatherbraid – Sous chef

Chef Tann – Chef de partie

Chef Florian Caron – Saucier

Chef Winney – Rotisseur

Chef Crim – Poissonnier

Chef Netherbane – Entremetier

Chef Phoszen – Legumier

Chef Nialai – Potager

Chef Torekh – Pâtissier

More coming soon!