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“Structure is translation software for your imagination.”

James Scott Bell

We believe that structure is necessary for the wellness and education of the adolescent individual. Without a strict class schedule to adhere to, students of all classifications will have difficulty thriving in a professional environment. At AOA, we understand that some students require reasonable accommodations, and we will work with their guardian(s) to accommodate their needs accordingly. If your heir or ward requires assistance of any sort, please contact the student’s administrative representative.

It is worth noting that wearing a DarkWatch is mandatory for all Hunters and Enchanters travelling to the dark dimension, and that Haunters enrolled as students must wear the device even if their primary residence is within the bounds of the dark dimension. The DarkWatch will alert students on how much time they have between classes, and will keep track of their tardiness and whereabouts should they attempt to leave campus.

Between the bells over the intercom system and the DarkWatch reminders, students should be able to utilize the ten minutes between classes to their advantage. That time can be crucial for:

  • travelling from one classroom to the next with minutes to spare
  • using the restroom
  • stopping by their locker to retrieve class-specific books and supplies
  • purchasing a beverage or snack
  • eating a light snack*

Professors also request that, if it is nearing the end of the beginning bell and the student needs to accomplish any of the above, the student asks for permission to complete these tasks. Their professor will hand them a seal that will explain the student’s presence to any security roaming campus. These seals will also excuse the student’s tardiness and reset their DarkWatches appropriately. Should a student be stopped by a member of the faculty or administrative staff, they will alert the professor of their next class in case they are tardy or absent.

A map of the school grounds has been uploaded to The Arcane Citizen website in order to better aid freshmen. Please visit this page and download the document to reference at your leisure.

Disciplinary Actions


The first week of each academic year is a grace period for tardiness, meaning that professors will forgive any tardiness accumulated during this time frame. After that first week, however, freshmen are expected to know the locations of their classes, and upperclassmen should have their new routines memorized. All students are then granted only two “no questions asked” tardy passes per semester (two-quarter period); all professors are notified when one of their students is late to a single class, even if it isn’t theirs. The third incident of tardiness is considered the first offense.

  • First (1) offense: student is given a verbal reprimand.
  • Second (2) offense: student is given a written reprimand. The reprimand must be signed by a guardian. All written reprimands are locked by a magick seal.
    • If the signature is forged by anyone who is not the offending student’s guardian, the Academy will be notified.
    • Forged reprimands will result in weekend detention and a conference between Dr. Shararah and the student’s guardian(s).
  • Third (3) offense and beyond: student will be sent to weeknight detention, and will attend a conference with Dr. Shararah and their guardian(s).
    • Weeknight detention begins at 4:10 am of the night of the violation and ends at 5:50 am at the ring of the final bell.
    • Any tardies beyond the fifth incident (third offense) will result in demerits on the student’s academic record, earning one (1) demerit per new incident.

Absenteeism & Truancy

Excused Absences

An absence is only considered as excused if it is for one of the following reasons:

  • Medical emergency for the student or a family member
    • sealed note from a certified physician or healer required
  • Death of a family member
    • sealed note from a guardian is required
  • Mental health break
    • limit one night a month
  • Home lost to fire, eviction, or natural disaster
    • sealed note from a guardian is required, along with documented proof
  • Evacuated home due to natural disaster and is without access to a portal
    • temporary portals can be activated in hotel rooms and public restrooms upon request
  • Observance of religious or spiritual holiday
    • please check out our calendar for examples of holidays we break for
  • Mandated court appearance
    • if human court, then a guardian must send a sealed detailed note. The dark dimension’s court system will alert the Academy of any perceived absences on behalf of the guardian(s).
  • Disciplinary absence
    • student is absent from class(es) because they are in weeknight detention.
    • this absence does not count toward the student’s total for the year, as they are on campus and able to use this time to catch up on missing classwork.

Notes and documentation must be received within five (5) nights of the absence, including weekend nights. The following are acceptable methods for reporting an absence so that it may be considered as excused:

  • The student returns the night following the absence with a sealed note from their guardian(s) and the necessary documentation.
  • A guardian pulls the student out of class/school early and signs a form of release at the administrative office.

Unexcused Absences

An absence is considered as unexcused if it falls under one of the following categories:

  • Sealed note from a guardian has not been received.
  • Appropriate documentation has not been received.
  • Sealed note has been received, but guardian’s signature has been forged.
  • Medical emergency has been fabricated.
    • sealed note has been forged
    • sealed note has been signed by a guardian instead of a certified physician or healer
  • Medical emergency cannot be authenticated.
    • sealed note has been signed by a physician or healer that is not certified, or whose certification has expired or been suspended
  • Fabrication of any of the previously listed excuses.
  • Disciplinary absence cannot be proven/student did not attend detention.
  • First three (3) unexcused absences: student is given a written reprimand. The reprimand must be signed by a guardian.
  • Next three (3) unexcused absences: student will be sent to weeknight detention.
    • When the total number of unexcused absences reaches six (6), guardians will be sent a sealed letter informing them of the total. The letter must be signed and returned to the administrative office.
  • Next three (3) unexcused absences: student will be scheduled for weekend detention. Weekend detention begins at midnight and ends at 4 am.
    • The detention will take place the Saturday immediately following the violation, given that the Saturday is not a holiday or observance for the student’s classification.
    • Any club meetings or extracurricular activities the violating student takes part in will be suspended for that weekend. This includes any club meetings/extracurriculars that occur on Sundays, even though detention does not take place on this night.
    • When the total number of unexcused absences reaches nine (9), guardians will be sent a sealed letter informing them of the total. The letter must be signed and returned to the administrative office.
  • Tenth (10) unexcused absence: student will be scheduled for multiple Saturday detentions; they will have club/extracurricular activities suspended for the remainder of the quarter, earn a demerit on their academic record, and will attend a conference with Dr. Shararah and their guardian(s).
  • Next two (2) unexcused absences: student will earn a demerit for each unexcused absence after the tenth (10).
    • Three (3) absence demerits, totaling to twelve (12) unexcused absences, will result in an automatic failure for the academic year. The student will need to repeat all of their assigned classes, with the exception of those they managed to pass.

While excused absences do not earn demerits, too many absences can lead to a student needing to repeat the year. Our institution is closed for various holidays and observances, so students are expected to attend school every night. Please reach out to your administrative representative to discuss extra credit, weekend tutoring, and even remedial classes over break.

Internal Truancy

Commonly referred to as skipping class, internal truancy will always be considered an unexcused absence unless a student has permission from a guardian, professor, or other member of faculty or administrative staff to not attend a specific hour. If a student skips even one class out of the three they are meant to attend in a given school night, that skipped class will count towards their accrued absences. With that in mind, the consequences for skipping class are the same as unexcused absences.

Guardian-Involvement in Truancy

A student who is enrolled in the Academy of Occult Arts and has accumulated six (6) unexcused absences in a given quarter, or ten (10) in a single academic year, will be considered as truant. Sealed letters are sent out to guardians following the sixth and ninth unexcused absence; if one or both of those letters are not returned with the guardian’s signature, the Academy has the right to report the guardian’s lack of cooperation to the Department for the Protection of Magickal Youths.

These disciplinary actions, while specific to violations of our Harassment Policy, can also be considered as consequences for violating the other guidelines and policies in place at our institution. Students and their guardians are encouraged to read the student handbook for a complete list of Academy guidelines, policies, and disciplinary actions.

* Reminder: eating in class is prohibited, as it can be distracting and untidy. Please reserve snacks for between classes, Mid-night Meal, and before and after school. Most hallways have vending machines for beverages and snacks, and are restocked every few days to avoid students travelling beyond their class route in search of their preferences.