Shifting & the Moon

While werebeasts are the most common Hunters around, they are not the only ones or the gold standard. Hunters come in all shapes and sizes, from gnomes to trolls and mermaids and dragons. All Hunters have a humanoid form and a beast form, and all those under the age of twenty have trouble controlling their beast form. Beast forms are tied to the lunar cycle; their emotions and metabolism ramp up starting at first quarter and reach their peak on a full moon, where they transform without warning. They then remain in their beast form until the moon wanes, and they regain some control of their shifting. If the full moon is a Micro Moon, Hunters will not feel as strong as they normally do; contrariwise, a super full moon will triple a Hunter’s strength.

Lunar Phases

Types of Full Moons

Other Moons

Lunar Phases

New Moon

A new beginning, a fresh start. The perfect phase for spells and rituals that reveal secrets. Shadow magick, fire magick and seal removal is particularly strong during this phase, while water magick is weakest. A warning to Hunters: please take care of your health and stay out of danger.

Waxing Crescent, First Quarter, & Waxing Gibbous

Growth, self-love, sympathy. This moon is the perfect phase for spells and rituals that are symbolic in nature. Love spells, empaths, and candle magick are powerful during this time, while wind magick is weakest. Haunters’ compulsion will grow stronger, but their bloodlust will be a little harder to control. Hunters will feel their strength growing in preparation for their transformation.

Full Moon

Wild, emotional, clarity. The full moon is popular with all magickal beings; Hunters are at their peak strength, Haunters roam the mortal realm, and Enchanters use this time to charge their crystals and practice new rituals. Water magick, light magick, earth magick, and divination are strongest beneath a full moon; fire magick is weakest. School is closed every full moon to allow Hunters to prepare for their transformation.

Waning Gibbous, Third Quarter, & Waning Crescent

Fears, insecurities, former lovers. This phase is the perfect time to practice banishing rituals and removal spells. Counter-jinxes, curse removals, wind magick, and fire magick are best reserved for this time. Hunters will feel their excess strength leaving them as the moon wanes.

Types of Full Moons

Super Moon

When a new moon or full moon is closest to the Earth–that is, one of those phases coincides with perigee–it is called a Super Moon. Super New Moons mean a great increase in the strength of shadow magick, fire magick and seal removal. Super Full Moons mean faster charging times for crystals (half the time they normally take), wilder transformations, and stronger water magick, light magick earth magick, and divination.

Micro Moon

This is the exact opposite of a Super Moon; when the moon is at apogee, or its furthest point from the Earth, it is a Micro Moon. Micro New Moons weaken shadow magick, fire magick, and seal removal by a little. Micro Full Moons double crystal charging times, transformations are easier to deal with, and water magick, light magick, earth magick, and divination are slightly weakened.

Wolf Moon

January’s full moon. Has also been called Old Moon and Ice Moon. Hunters with canine beast forms, such as werewolves and kitsune, are stronger on this particular full moon. Haunters also feel an increase in strength, as well as practitioners of water magick.

Hunger Moon

A full moon in February. Has also been called Storm Moon and Chaste Moon. Water magick and storm magick are particularly powerful; aquatic Hunters will feel stronger as well.

Crow Moon

The full moon of March, the final one of the winter season. Also called the Worm Moon, Death Moon, and Sugar Moon. Haunters will feel an increase in strength; earth magick and food charms are more powerful.

Pink Moon

Full moon in April, the start of the spring season. Has also been called the Fish Moon, Egg Moon, and Sprouting Grass Moon. Fairies, dryads, and naiads will feel an increase in their magick, while practitioners of plant magick and earth magick will also feel stronger.

Hare Moon

Also known as the Flower Moon, Milk Moon, and Corn Planting Moon, this is the full moon that takes place in May. Plant magick is stronger and potions are more potent. Hunters with smaller beast forms will be temporarily stronger than their larger peers.

Strawberry Moon

June’s full moon has also been called Rose Moon and Mead Moon. Fruit and berry fairies will experience intense strength. Potions brewed during this time have a higher success rate, and plant magick will wane slightly in strength as fire magick grows stronger.

Buck Moon

The full moon of July is the Buck Moon, also known as the Thunder Moon or Hay Moon. Equine Hunters are at their strongest and swiftest. Plant magick is weaker as fire magick and storm magick come out on top.

Sturgeon Moon

The full moon of August. Has also been called Green Corn Moon, Fruit Moon, and Barley Moon. Agriculturally-inclined fairies will see higher levels of magick as summer ends. Food magick makes a comeback, and aquatic Hunters will see their strength double.

Harvest Moon

The Harvest Moon is the full moon closest to the fall equinox. It usually falls in September, but every few years or so it falls in October. September’s full moon has also been called the Corn Moon, and it is similar to the Sturgeon Moon in that certain fairies and food magick will be stronger.

Hunter’s Moon / Blood Moon

October’s full moon. Has also been called the Dying Grass Moon or Blood Moon. All Hunters and Haunters will feel their strength and abilities triple. However, every few years the Hunter’s Moon is also a Harvest Moon, so all three classifications will feel its power.

Snow Moon

Also called the Frosty Moon and Beaver Moon, this is the full moon in November. Wind magick and air elementals are at their peak strength. If the Beaver Moon is the last full moon before the winter solstice, then it becomes a Mourning Moon. Should that be the case, then Haunter’s will feel an increase in their abilities.

Witch’s Moon

The twelfth and final full moon; December’s full moon has also been called the Moon Before Yule, Cold Moon, or Oak Moon. Winter fairies and dryads will feel stronger than normal, while any and all witch magick has tripled in power.

Other Moons

Blue Moon

There are two types of Blue Moons: a seasonal Blue Moon and a monthly Blue Moon. The former is the third full moon of an astronomical season which has four full moons. The latter is the second full moon in a calendar month that has two full moons. Blue Moons can coincide with other full moons; the only added benefit is that charms and other magick revolving around luck is stronger than usual.

Black Moon

The Black Moon follows the exact same guidelines as a Blue Moon, except instead of a full moon this is for a new moon. This gives Enchanters an extra chance to practice their shadow magick, fire magick, and seal removal spells.