Magick, Compulsion, & Shifting Forms

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Our Policy

The Academy of Occult Arts prohibits students from performing magick, including spells, curses, hexes, jinxes, charms, compulsion, and form shifting outside of a learning environment. No student is allowed to perform any magick to attack another student, a professor, or a member of the faculty. No student is allowed to perform any magick in defense of another student’s attack outside of a supervised duel. Objects that were cursed, charmed, or jinxed are not allowed on campus. Compelling another student, a professor, or a member of faculty is prohibited. All students are required to attend class in their humanoid forms; beast forms are prohibited outside of transformation class.

Disciplinary Action

  • First (1) offense will result in weekday detention. Weekday detention begins at 4:10 am of the night of the violation and ends at 5:50 am at the ring of the final bell.
  • Second (2) offense will result in weekend detention. Weekend detention begins at midnight and ends at 4 am.
    • The detention will take place the Saturday immediately following the violation, given that the Saturday is not a holiday or observance for the student’s classification.
    • Any club meetings or extracurricular activities the violating student takes part in will be suspended for that weekend. This includes any club meetings/extracurriculars that occur on Sundays, even though detention does not take place on this day.
  • Third (3) offense will result in multiple Saturday detentions, suspension of club/extracurricular activities for the remainder of the quarter, and a conference between Dr. Shararah, the students involved, and their respective guardians.
    • Depending on the number of students involved, the headmistress may call on Dr. Park and/or Dr. Temitope to provide insight and mediation.
  • Fourth (4) offense will result in the expulsion of the student(s) violating the above listed policies. A demerit will be added to the academic record(s) of the violating student(s), which will be visible to all educational institutions in the dark dimension.
    • While having demerits do not necessarily bar students from acceptance to other schools, multiple demerits may hinder their enrollment.

These disciplinary actions, while specific to violations of our Magick Policy, can also be considered as consequences for violating the other guidelines and policies in place at our institution. Students and their guardians are encouraged to read the student handbook for a complete list of Academy guidelines, policies, and disciplinary actions.