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It’s been just a couple of weeks since the academic year began and we all resumed our respective courses at our esteemed institution. So much has occurred already: from the incident involving freshman Caricia de Ardo and senior Jude, to the return of alum Val de Ardo as the new Advanced Magick professor; and, as if neither of those brought enough excitement to campus, there is no news more disconcerting than the disappearance of our dearest sophomore Plato Tyson and three students from neighboring high schools.

Darlings, don’t think we won’t touch on the former two subjects at a later date! I’ll leave the vital news to Aspen so we can discuss a different Hunter tonight. I’m speaking, of course, about Jett Danvers of the Salem Pack. But who exactly is this transfer student? Why was he not enrolled in AOA at the appropriate age? I scored an interview with this hunky junior, so fret not! We’ll have the answers to all of those questions and more.

Editor’s Note: all views expressed in this post are purely speculative, and any “evidence” provided is coincidental. Arion Floros’ Rumor Has It… series is meant to shed light on rumors and discuss them openly. The Arcane Citizen is not making any claims in favor of or against the individuals mentioned below. All comments were shared with consent.

First, let’s discuss what we already know about the teen wolf: Jetson Danvers is seventeen years old and has never attended a magickal school before. His mother is Ruby Danvers, the leader of the Salem Pack, and his uncle is Cobalt Danvers, professor of the autobody elective. His guide is Whitney Shepard and his step-brother is Zander Woods; both are regarded in their pack as alphas–and it seems as if Zander and his friends are desperate to keep Jett as far down the hierarchy as possible.

Granted, that information is probably common knowledge by the time you’re reading this, dear Citizen. We’re here for juicy deets, not stale information! So, without further ado, it’s time we heard about Jett from the man himself.

Arion: Thank you so much for agreeing to this interview!

Jett: Sure. I’ve got nothing to hide.

Arion: Love the attitude! So, for starters, can you please tell me your full name, pronouns, and age?

Jett: Jettson Danvers, but everyone calls me Jett. My pronouns are he/him, and I’m seventeen years old.

Arion: Wonderful! Now to get right to it: rumors have been speculating around your sudden transfer to AOA. Have you heard any of these rumors?

Jett: [laughs] Yeah, I’ve heard a couple of them. The one where I’m a clone of my Uncle Balt put stitches in my sides.

Arion: [laughs] Yes, that one is especially ridiculous. In order to squash all of those rumors, can you go into why you were transferred late?

Jett: Ma and Pop thought I was human, so they didn’t bother introducing me to this life. I heard most Hunters experience their first transformation when they hit puberty, but I didn’t experience it until last summer. I’m not a clone or a robot or a secret love child–I’m just a late-bloomer.

Arion: Yes, that is true about the causal link between puberty and our first transformation. It’s rare for puberty to hit so late, but I did some research on the topic and discovered that delayed puberty might run in families. The last late-bloomer who enrolled at our school was your uncle, correct?

Jett: Yeah, I think so.

Arion: Interesting! So the theory very well could be true. Are you aware of any other relatives who were late-bloomers?

Jett: [pause] Just one. My sister, Jade.

Arion: Really! I wasn’t aware that Ruby Danvers had a daughter. Then again, none of us knew that you existed before your enrollment. How old is she?

Jett: She would’ve been about nineteen now. Jade went through her first transformation when she was fourteen, but she died a couple weeks later.

Arion: I’m sorry for your loss, Jett. Were you close?

Jett: Yeah, very much so. I was the first person she told about her transformation, even though Ma asked her to keep it a secret.

Arion: It sounds like you miss her greatly. May I ask what happened to her?

Jett: You can, but I don’t really know much. The cops said it looked like she was assaulted, but they never caught the perp. They assumed she was into some bad shit, like drugs or gangs, but Jade was never into that crowd. She was an honor roll student, and she was excited to start at AOA the following spring. She was a good kid.

Arion: With everything going on in your country right now–all the racial tension and protests against systemic racism–would you say that Jade’s death was racially motivated?

Jett: I don’t know, but it wouldn’t surprise me. We’re not just black; we’re half Dominican on Ma’s side. I’m used to people treating me different because of both my skin and my use of a second language. America wasn’t made with people like us in mind.

Arion: [nods] It certainly does seem that way. Thank you for sharing your thoughts on both your late sister and the current political climate in your country. I hope you don’t mind if I switch gears for this next question?

Jett: Not at all, go right ahead.

Arion: Thank you. When I was researching the current members of the Salem Pack that are enrolled in AOA, I was reminded of your step-brother, Zander Woods. Have you had the chance to meet him?

Jett: Yeah, but not until after my transformation last summer. Ma and Pops split after what happened to Jade, and I didn’t really get to see Ma much after that. Pops called her after I first transformed, and that’s when she decided to introduce me to all of this.

Arion: Fascinating! So you had no idea about werebeasts or the dark dimension until Jade first told you, and you had to hold onto this knowledge of a secret world for the past few years. It sounds a little lonely.

Jett: It definitely felt lonely from time to time, but I figured I would transform eventually. I just didn’t expect the secret I was told to be bigger–to include a step-father and step-brother.

Arion: A secret of that magnitude can certainly be jarring. May I ask about your personal relationship with Zander Woods?

Jett: I, uh, don’t know how much I’m allowed to say–or, I mean, I don’t know how to put my thoughts into words that won’t seem like an attack on him, because at the end of the day I have no beef with him. We haven’t had the chance to become close, so I’m hoping that’ll change in the future. Being alpha can’t be easy on him; he has a lot of eyes on him, so the pressure is on.

Arion: And what about rumors that your transfer into AOA is meant to signify your intentions of securing a spot as alpha?

Jett: [shakes head] Absolutely, one-hundred percent false. I don’t care about pack hierarchy, I just care about living my best life since my sister can’t.

Arion: So you’ll let Zander keep his alpha title, while many believe it rightfully belongs to you?

Jett: I– [sighs] Look, man, I’m not a fan of this whole ‘alpha’ and ‘omega’ thing to begin with. Some say it’s about who your parents are, others say it’s solely reliant on you and your actions. I think it’s a mix of both, you know? That being said, I’m not letting [Zander] keep anything–that implies that it was mine and that I can take it away on a whim. The alpha spot was never mine. [Zander] earned his spot fair and square, and if I even did want to unseat him, it would take years of dedication, networking, and a whole lot more that I can’t even think of right now. I can’t ‘let’ him keep what was never mine, and I don’t want to put in the insane amount of work it would take to replace him. Besides, from what I’ve been told by Whitney and some other friends, [Zander] has been a great alpha. I don’t think I could live up to that.

Arion: It’s always refreshing to hear the viewpoint of someone that was, up until recently, an outsider. It sounds as if you admire Zander.

Jett: With everything people say about him, it’s hard not to.

Arion: I think that’s all the questions I have for you today, Jett. Did you have any closing remarks to add?

Jett: [pause] Yeah, I do. Please make sure the readers know that traveling into the dark dimension alone is very dangerous–and its especially dangerous for Hunters. Use a buddy system, stay home during the full moon, and report any suspicious activity you see. The last thing you want is to end up like Jade or Plato.

And that, darlings, concludes our interview with Jett Danvers! What do you think: is he serious about his dislike of the pack hierarchy, or will Jett take over as alpha and kick Zander to the dirt? If he is telling the truth, will these two brothers be able to bond and grow closer, or will the rift between them grow deeper still? Only time will tell!

In the meantime, take Jett’s closing words to heart and stay safe, Citizens! And don’t forget to tune in next week, when I finally disclose all the information I could find on the staircase incident between Caricia de Ardo and Jude of the Bruton Coven. Talk about drama!

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