Musicians Wanted!

Photo by David Yu on Pexels

The following is an announcement on behalf of Maelstrom “Storm” Cloud, freshman werewolf and alpha of the Denver Pack.

Are you a student at the Academy with musical talent? Are you a fan of any of the following genres:

  • Rock
    • Grunge
    • Punk
    • Metal
  • Rap
    • Cloud
    • Horrorcore

And, most importantly, can you play any of the following instruments:

  • Guitar (bass, rhythm, acoustic)
  • Drums (traditional, electronic, single bass, double bass)
  • Keyboard/synthesizer

If any of the above applies to you, consider stopping by the school auditorium this coming Saturday, April 24th! There, Storm will be holding auditions all night for their contemporary grunge/punk band, Empty Obsessions, so you’ll have plenty of opportunities to show them what you’re made of. All instruments and equipment will be provided by the school, so there’s no need to bring your own as setting up would delay the audition process. The judges are as follows:

Storm Cloud lead vocals, guitar (acoustic & electric), bass, horrorcore enthusiast

Cinnamon Swan band manager, metal enthusiast

Cobalt Danverssupervisor, grunge enthusiast

All participants who are chosen to join Empty Obsessions will be contacted by Storm directly via Enchat. With that being said, if you receive a message through any other medium by someone claiming to be Storm, one of the judges, or anyone else, please report this suspicious activity to your homeroom professor.

Aspen Lawrence

News Reporter

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