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You read that title correctly, my beloved reader–there is trouble brewing among the witch covens! Rosa Zaldivar was recently caught in an awkward position when her partner walked in on Rosa alone with another girl. This, lovelies, is nothing short of scandalous.

Editor’s Note: all views expressed in this post are purely speculative, and any “evidence” provided is coincidental. Arion Floros’ Rumor Has It… series is meant to shed light on rumors and discuss them openly. The Arcane Citizen is not making any claims in favor of or against the individuals mentioned below. All comments were shared with consent.

You may recall a few months back when the future matriarch of the Zaldivar Coven publicly dumped Dominique Sotolongo at Mid-night Meal, humiliating the sophomore in front of the entire student body. As if that weren’t cruel enough, Rosa then made a point to declare Sofia de Paz, a freshman, as her new girlfriend, stirring the proverbial pot. Now it would appear that the junior is having second thoughts, as multiple witnesses placed her in the healing ward with Dominique last Thursday.

“Nothing happened,” Dominique insisted later that night. She had agreed to an interview over Digiface’s video chat function. “I was on my way to see Dr. Shararah when I ran into Rosa. She saw the burns on my arm and asked me what happened. I told her about my stupid attempt at piromagia, and she hugged me. Next thing I knew, Sofia was shouting at us from down the hall. She ran up and shoved me away, screaming about coming onto her girlfriend. Rosa hugged me, not the other way around. I was pulling away and asking her what the hell she was doing when Sofi rounded the corner.”

Ember Riddle, junior witch who recently made Rumor Has It… headlines for their possible secret romance with Izayah Hawkins–the future patriarch of the Hawkins Coven–was a witness to the encounter.

“It kind of looked staged,” they recounted. “And I don’t mean Nikki’s injury–I was her guide last year, so she requested my supervision while she tried her hand at pyromancy. The Luna Coven is known for their affinity to water, not fire, so she knew the risks going into it. Her burns were the result of an accidental scald, and I was escorting her to Dr. Shararah when Rosa went out of her way to bump into Nikki.” Ember rolled their eyes at the memory. “[Rosa] gave [Nikki] a fake-ass smile and asked how she got hurt; Nikki told her, and Rosa threw her arms around her. Nikki was trying to push her off, but I could tell her burn was making that a little difficult. I was about to step in when Sofi charged over and shoved them apart. Dr. Shararah heard all the screaming and came out just as that freshman was about to use chloromancy on Nikki.”

The junior added: “I know we’re not supposed to use magick offensively against our peers–and I know that two wrongs don’t make a right–but I could care less what the beef is between the Lunas and the Serafims. All I know is, if I see one student attack another with magick without stopping to ask questions, I’m doing whatever I can to put an end to it.”

Izayah Hawkins, who was neither there nor summoned for a comment, reached out to add: “Dominique Sotolongo will remain under the protection of the Hawkins Coven until the Luna Coven can get their shit together.” He also made the announcement live on DarkScene.

In response to Izayah’s public announcement on the social media application for the occult, future matriarch Arabela Luna posted a video to her story where she spoke about the incident:

“Ember explained the situation, and I just don’t get it. What’s your deal, Rosa? You front like it’s all good, but you don’t have the guts to admit you’ve been bullying Nikki since she started at AOA. You pressured her into a relationship–none of us thought it was a good idea ’cause we know how you are, but we stuck by Nikki’s decisions. You were emotionally and verbally abusive your entire relationship, on top of being manipulative. And when you heard that we were trying to convince her to break up with you, you broke up with her at Middy. With everyone watching. And then you walked up to Sofi, the next young girl you could take advantage of, and you pressured her into a relationship, too. So, what? One victim ain’t enough? You gotta fuck with your ex and stir the shit pot? Leave Nikki alone, Rosa. I already talked to all the other heads–yeah, Gerardo too–and we’ve got a covenant now. You step outta line and we’re all putting you in your place.”

When I reached out to Gerardo Serafim for a comment, the future patriarch of Sofia de Paz’s coven only offered the following statement: “Sofi’s a freshman–she’s inexperienced in many ways, and that includes dealing with conflict. Michele is Sofi’s guide and she’ll keep a closer eye on [Sofia] moving forward.”

“The problem isn’t Sofi,” offered Massimo Quercini, the future patriarch of the Quercini Coven and Gerardo’s unofficial rival. “Yeah, she could’ve handled things better, but [Gerardo] isn’t even making an effort to admonish Rosa for her mistreatment of her partners. This isn’t about Lunas versus Serafims, it’s about two teenage girls who are being taken advantage of by an upperclassman. Gerardo and Arabela need to meet with Rosa privately and settle these issues–and Izayah needs to butt out. He can’t make threats just because his partner is pissed.”

I also asked the sophomore what should be done with Dominique and Sofia, if anything at all, and why some witch covens were not included in the covenant.

“I think both Nikki and Sofi need to see Dr. Temitope, or a similarly qualified individual, in their free time. A therapist could help them come to terms with what they might have experienced because of Rosa,” advised Massimo. “As for the covens that were excluded, we meant no disrespect. We considered approaching Sage Bloodworth, but being the head of a prestigious coven like that means nothing if you’re the only member enrolled here. Even more so for Douglas Burroughs, who isn’t even slated for leadership. We considered reaching out to the Young Coven, but Camille only has two witches under her charge. She can’t even call a circle with so few members.”

When asked if he or any of the other witch heads reached out to the De Ardo Coven, Massimo declined to comment. Rosa Zaldivar would not give a comment on the scandal, either, apart from her middle finger as she passed me in the hallway.

It seems that, no matter who you speak to regarding these three witches, the details aren’t getting any clearer. What are your thoughts, darling? Do you think Rosa is a manipulative girlfriend who preys on underclassmen, or do you think she’s painted in a bad light? Is Sofia just a jealous girlfriend, or is she stressed out by Rosa’s actions? Either way, I stand with Dominique Sotolongo. Wish you a speedy recovery, Nikki!

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      You know how witches are, they don’t mind their business being put on blast so long as their names get dropped…

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    Lololol love watching witch fights!

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