2022-2023 Fourth Quarter – Events & Dates

Photo by Vino Li on Unsplash

The fourth and final quarter of 2022 is upon us, Citizens. Let’s relish the time we have together by participating in as many school activities as possible before the clock runs out.

This list includes days off from school and clubs, special club-hosted events, festivals, practice start dates, games, and meets. Names of plays will be in italics, sports events will be in bold, and days off/half days will be in bold italics. Events in pink require a ticket purchase; all other events are free to attend.

This Quarter’s Events

Oct 19Fourth quarter begins | LGBT Center Awareness Day – LGBTQIA+ Alliance provides information for local safe places, shelters, and LGBT+ friendly businesses around the world
Oct 20Spirit Day – LGBTQIA+ Alliance provides information for local safe places, shelters, and LGBT+ friendly businesses around the world
Oct 21First game – HOWLERS (Grelerra – 1)
Oct 22Basketball Game – Grelerra (2) | Color Day – Art Club hosts Art Contest
Oct 23Basketball Game – Grelerra (3) | Mole Day – STEM Club & Potion Club go head to head in Chemistry Competition
Oct 25Basketball Game – Vimine (1) | Artist Day – Art Club hosts Art Exhibit & auctions off pieces for charity
Oct 26Basketball Game – Vimine (2)
Oct 27Basketball Game – Vimine (3)
Oct 28Frankenstein Friday – Drama Club presents Frankenstein’s Creation
Oct 30-31Undead Observance – NO SCHOOL OR CLUBS
Nov 1The Samhain Festival – HALF DAY
Nov 2Undead Observance – NO SCHOOL
Nov 3Basketball Game – Medarry (1)
Nov 4Basketball Game – Medarry (2) | Jersey Friday – Wear Your Favorite Jersey!
Nov 5Bonfire Night – All clubs come together for an on-campus, student-only festival
Nov 6Basketball Game – Medarry (3)
Nov 8Full Moon – NO SCHOOL
Nov 9Basketball Game – Soryce (1) | Carl Sagan Day – Astronomy Club & STEM Club joint-host Livestream lecture & stargazing event
Nov 10Basketball Game – Soryce (2)
Nov 11Undead Observance – NO SCHOOL
Nov 12Basketball Game – Soryce (3)
Nov 13Sadie Hawkins Day – On-Campus Dance
Nov 14Movie Day – Drama Club hosts Movie Night during PH
Nov 15Quarter-Final Championships – HOWLERS
Nov 16Semi-Final Championships – HOWLERS
Nov 17Championship Game – HOWLERS
Nov 18Princess Day – On-Campus Dance – HALF DAY
Nov 20Undead Observance – NO CLUBS
Nov 23Jukebox Day – Honey Bees hosts dance party during PH
Nov 24Undead Observance – NO SCHOOL
Nov 27Aura Awareness Day – Divination Club offers FREE aura readings
Dec 2Play Basketball Day & Pollution Prevention Day – Mad Howlers hosts game: team v. students
Dec 3Gifts For Kids Day – Campus-wide drive for gifts (new & hand-me-down) to donate to less-fortunate children
Dec 4AOA Club Festival – All clubs will compete against one another in various games and events, winning club decides the theme for the Yule Festival & Ball
Dec 6Undead Observance – NO SCHOOL
Dec 7Full Moon – NO SCHOOL
Dec 9Techno Day – Honey Bees hosts dance party during PH
Dec 12Choral Day – School Choir hosts concert in the courtyard
Dec 20-23The Yule Festival – NO CLASSES
Dec 24Yule Ball – On-Campus Dance
Dec 28Fourth quarter ends
Dec 29School break begins
Table of events for this coming quarter

For a breakdown of what’s happening at the Samhein, bonfire, club, and Yule festivals, keep an eye out for mine and Helena’s upcoming articles. I’ll reveal mine and Virgil’s picks for the next president and vice president of the Journalism Club toward the end of the quarter. It’s been an honor providing you with content–let’s savor this last season. Enjoy your evening, Citizens.

Aspen Lawrence


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