2022-2023 Third Quarter – Events & Dates

Photo by Aaron Burden on Unsplash

As the door closes on AOA’s second quarter, let’s have a glimpse ahead at all the events we have to look forward to for the next few months. As we’ll be switching over to autumn, the focus of our clubs will lean more towards raising money for their own budgets; however, in the case of clubs banding together, those profits and donations will be split evenly between the groups involved. For Ozone Day and Cleanup Day, the poetry club and dance team are supporting the environmental club by raising awareness and funds for charity. Show your school spirit and support your club!

This list includes days off from school and clubs, special club-hosted events, festivals, practice start dates, games, and meets. Names of plays will be in italics, sports events will be in bold, and days off/half days will be in bold italics. Events in pink require a ticket purchase; all other events are free to attend.

This Quarter’s Events

Aug 9Third quarter begins
Aug 11Full Moon – NO SCHOOL
Aug 12Undead Observance – NO SCHOOL
Aug 13Football Match – Vimine (2)
Aug 14Volleyball Match – Soryce | Green Day – Horticulture Club hosts Magick Maze event
Aug 15Undead Observance – NO SCHOOL | True Team Swim Meet – Vimine & Grelerra
Aug 17Black Cat Appreciation – Animal Rescue Club encourages students to rescue black cats from their local shelters
Aug 18Bad Poetry Day – Poetry Club hosts Poetry Slam in the courtyard
Aug 19Photo Day – Photography Club reveals winners & finalists in the last Photo Contest
Aug 23Ride The Wind Day – High Flyers Club hosts Aerial Show & Broom Races
Aug 24Football Match – Medarry (1)
Aug 25Conference Relay – SWIMMING
Aug 26Volleyball Match – Grelerra
Sep 1No Rhyme Nor Reason Day – Poetry Club hosts Poetry Slam in the courtyard
Sep 3Football Match – Medarry (2) | Doodle Day – Art Club hosts Art Print Sale & offers commissions
Sep 4Wildlife Day – Environmental Club hosts debate on environmental conservation
Sep 5Volleyball Match – Medarry
Sep 6Semi-Final Championship Meet – SWIMMING
Sep 9Sudoku Day – STEM Club hosts Sudoku Tournament
Sep 10Full Moon – NO CLUBS
Sep 13Quarter-Final Match – STRIDERS
Sep 14Love Photo Day – Photography Club hosts couples’ photoshoots, all couples will be entered in the Quarterly Photo Contest
Sep 15Quarter-Final Match – DREAMS | Greenpeace Day – Environmental Club hosts a global clean-up of local parks & trails
Sep 16Ozone Day & Anne Bradstreet Day – Poetry Club accepts submissions for Environmental Awareness Poetry Contest
Sep 17Cleanup Day & Dance Day – Honey Bees host a dance performance to raise awareness & collect donations for charity
Sep 21Final Championship Meet – SWIMMING
Sep 22The Mabon Festival – HALF DAY | Hobbit Day – Drama Club presents All of Lord of the Rings in One Hour, Yes One, We Promise
Sep 23Semi-Final Match – STRIDERS | Bi-Pride Day – LGBTQIA+ Alliance hosts dance party
Sep 24Undead Observance – NO CLUBS
Sep 25Semi-Final Match – DREAMS
Oct 1First practice – HOWLERS | Ballet Day – Honey Bees host ballet recital
Oct 3Championship Match – STRIDERS
Oct 4Animal Day & Habitat Day – Animal Rescue Club & Environmental Club joint-host global event to volunteer at local animal & human shelters
Oct 5Championship Match – DREAMS
Oct 6Mad Hatter Day – Fashion Club hosts Mad Hat Sale
Oct 9Full Moon – NO CLUBS
Oct 13Ada Lovelace Day – STEM Club hosts STEM Project Competition
Oct 14Mead Day – Potion & Culinary Club joint-host Mead Sale (non-alcoholic)
Oct 17Black Poetry Day – Poetry Club hosts Poetry Slam in the courtyard
Oct 18Third quarter ends
Oct 19Fourth quarter begins
Table of events for this coming quarter

For a breakdown of what’s happening at the Mabon Festival, keep an eye out for Helena’s upcoming article. I’ll provide new dates for next quarter’s events and holidays on Friday, October 14. Enjoy your evening, Citizens.

Aspen Lawrence


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