2022-2023 Second Quarter – Events & Dates

Photo by Roberto Nickson on Unsplash

The first quarter of 2022 is coming to an end, and it is now time to look ahead to AOA’s second quarter! Since it contains our summer months, the second quarter will feature many clubs banding together to help the Environmental Club in its effort to raise money for charity. Everyone will be doing their part–you can do yours, too!

This list includes days off from school and clubs, special club-hosted events, festivals, practice start dates, games, and meets. Names of plays will be in italics, sports events will be in bold, and days off/half days will be in bold italics. Events in pink require a ticket purchase; all other events are free to attend.

This Quarter’s Events

May 30Second quarter begins | First meet – TRACK (Grelerra) | Undead Observance – NO SCHOOL
Jun 1Nail Polish Day & Reef Awareness Day – Fashion Club offers FREE manicures to every student who donates to the Environmental Club’s charity fund
Jun 3Chocolate Macaron Day & Donut Day – Baking Club hosts Sweet Sale
Jun 4First practice – STRIDERS
Jun 5World Environment Day – Environmental Club hosts Animal Plush Sale
Jun 6Undead Observance – NO SCHOOL
Jun 7First game – DEVILS (Grelerra – 1)
Jun 8Baseball Game – Grelerra (2) | World Oceans Day – Swim Team hosts relay race: team v. students
Jun 9Track Meet – Vimine
Jun 10Baseball Game – Grelerra (3)
Jun 12Red Rose Day – Horticulture Club hosts Rose Sale
Jun 13Undead Observance – NO SCHOOL
Jun 14Full Moon – NO SCHOOL
Jun 15Nature Photography Day – Photography Club reveals winners & finalists in the Photo Contest
Jun 16Conference Relay – SWIMMING
Jun 19Track Meet – Soryce
Jun 20Baseball Game – Medarry (1)
Jun 21Baseball Game – Medarry (2) | The Litha Festival – HALF DAY
Jun 22Baseball Game – Medarry (3)
Jun 24Football Match – Soryce (1)
Jun 26Dual Swim Meet – Soryce
Jun 29Track Meet – Medarry | Deadline to enter Photography Club’s Quarterly Photo Contest
Jun 30Asteroid Day & Meteor Watch Day – Astronomy Club hosts after-hours Livestream to stargaze & raise money for charity
Jul 1Baseball Game – Soryce (1)
Jul 2Baseball Game – Soryce (2) | First practice – DREAMS
Jul 3Baseball Game – Soryce (3)
Jul 4Football Match – Soryce (2) | Alice In Wonderland Day – Drama Club presents Alice In Wonderland
Jul 6Dual Swim Meet – Medarry
Jul 8Math 2.0 Day – STEM Club hosts Math Quiz for cash prize
Jul 9First Quarter-Finals – TRACK | Fashion Day – Fashion Club hosts Fashion Show
Jul 10Clerihew Day – Poetry Club hosts Poetry Slam in the courtyard
Jul 11Potions Day – Potions Club hosts a Potion Sale
Jul 13Full Moon – NO SCHOOL
Jul 14Baseball Game – Vimine (1) | Silver Day & Shark Awareness Day – Charm Club hosts Love Charm Sale & offers FREE second charm to every student that donates to the Environmental Club’s charity fund
Jul 15Football Match – Grelerra (1)
Jul 16True Team Swim Meet – Soryce & Medarry
Jul 17Baseball Game – Vimine (2)
Jul 18Baseball Game – Vimine (3)
Jul 19Second Quarter-Finals – TRACK
Jul 24Football Match – Grelerra (2)
Jul 25Quarter-Final Championship – DEVILS (1)
Jul 26Dual Swim Meet – Vimine | One Voice Day – Student Council hosts after-hours Livestream to take suggestions from the student body
Jul 27Quarter-Final Championship – DEVILS (2)
Jul 28Quarter-Final Championship – DEVILS (3)
Jul 29Semi-Finals – TRACK | Rain Day, Tiger Day, & Lipstick Day – Fashion Club offers FREE makeovers to every student who donates to the Environmental Club’s charity fund
Jul 30-31The Lúnasa Festival – NO CLUBS
Aug 2Volleyball Match – Vimine
Aug 3Football Match – Vimine (1)
Aug 5Dual Swim Meet – Grelerra
Aug 6Undead Observance – NO CLUBS
Aug 7Semi-Final Championship – DEVILS (1) | Psychic Day – Divination Club offers FREE readings to every student who donates to the Environmental Club’s charity fund
Aug 8Second quarter ends | Finals – TRACK
Aug 9Third quarter begins | Semi-Final Championship – DEVILS (2)
Table of events for this coming quarter

Just a reminder: in every club-hosted event where money is collected, the proceeds will be going to a charity meant to fund environmental conservation efforts. For a breakdown of what’s happening at the Litha & Lúnasa Festivals, keep an eye out for Helena’s upcoming articles. I’ll provide new dates for next quarter’s events and holidays on Friday, August 5. Enjoy your evening, Citizens.

Aspen Lawrence


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