Wyn’s Weekly Insight | April 25th

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Editor’s Note: The following is a guest post by Aerwyna Marvin, sophomore and resident elf fortuneteller.

Hello and happy Monday! I am Wyn, the card-throwing elf of The Arcane Citizen, and I bring you another Weekly Insight. Looks like we have three elements to work with this time around–let’s see what we’ve got going on!

Our Cards This Week:

This week’s cards: Six of Diamonds Upright, Nine of Spades Upright, Three of Hearts Upright

1. What Will Help You?

Six of Diamonds Upright
Six of Diamonds Upright

This position explores the people and circumstances that will aid you throughout this week.

Our first card this week is the six of diamonds upright. This is the card of charity; whether you’re offering assistance or receiving it, it says that you do what you can to support others. While this usually means financially in the diamond suit, it could also mean morally, emotionally, and even physically. Generosity is important–but if you’re the giver, be sure that you’re helping out of the goodness of your heart, and not with the expectation that you’ll get something in return. This suit is ruled by earth, implying that you need balance in order to achieve harmony.

The bottom line with this card is that supporting others can go a long way–just make sure there isn’t an unbalanced power dynamic that will make things weird later.

2. What Will Hinder You?

Nine of Spades Upright
Nine of Spades Upright

This position contemplates the obstacles you may experience in the week to come.

Our second card is the nine of spades upright, symbolizing nightmares, anxiety, and depression. Sometimes, we get stuck in our own thoughts, repeating the same self-deprecating lines over and over in an endless loop. You’re your own worst enemy, and alone as you think you are, you should know that you aren’t. There are people who care and are willing to help you through your issues–you just need to be willing to open up to them. You have to do this in your own time, of course, but I hope you don’t use charity as a means to redeem yourself for your shortcomings. This week, it would appear that the biggest obstacle you’ll be facing is yourself. The element of air rules this suit–use it to blast those intrusive thoughts away, and meditate on all the positives about you.

3. What Is Your Unrealized Potential?

Three of Hearts Upright
Three of Hearts Upright

This position reveals your unrealized potential in relation to your week and its challenges.

Our last card this week is the three of hearts, a card we’ve seen before–only this time, it’s upright. Do you recall the meaning behind this card? It signifies teamwork and encouragement, a group celebration, and possibly even the end of an emotional cycle. Sure, I mean, you could see this as a sign that you’ll need to rely on your closest friends this week–after all, “teamwork makes the dream work,” right? Reach out to the squad and pour your heart out, and make sure to listen to them in turn. Before the week is out, you might find that your outlook on the issue at hand–and maybe even life in general–has significantly improved. That, readers, means the end of an emotional cycle, and that’s cause for celebration!

Don’t get me wrong–depression isn’t a one-time thing. If you’ve been diagnosed with it, it’ll never truly go away. You’ll experience your better days and your worse days, and I see better days in your near future. They won’t just appear out of thin air, though–you need to help bring them to fruition.

This Week’s Insight

Another weekly tarot, another insight to be given. Here it is, readers: your generosity will be your ally this week, and your own pessimism and intrusive thoughts will be your obstacles. Your inner circle and support group are your key to navigating through this week with an open mind, heart, and hand. When it’s all said and done, don’t be afraid to celebrate with those who stood by you–you’ll be happy that you did.

Earth, air, water, oh my! What do you think, readers? Please like this article, leave some feedback in the comments, and share this blog with your friends! Your support is greatly appreciated.

Aerwyna Marvin

Guest poster

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