Wyn’s Weekly Insight | April 18th

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Editor’s Note: The following is a guest post by Aerwyna Marvin, sophomore and resident elf fortuneteller.

Hello and happy Monday! I’m Wyn, back again with another Weekly Insight. This week’s cards see more water cards, but with an air twist. If you want to know more, then read all about it below!

Our Cards This Week:

This week’s cards: Two of Spades Upright, Three of Hearts Reversed, Queen of Hearts Upright

1. What Will Help You?

Two of Spades Upright
Two of Spades Upright

This position explores the people and circumstances that will aid you throughout this week.

Our first card for the week is the two of spades upright. Usually, this means that we’re dealing with some sort of miscommunication, be it mixed signals or conflicting ideas. It could also mean that you learned something recently, and you’ve been reluctant to come to terms with the truth. In the suit ruled by the element air and focused on thoughts and ideas, dealing with this kind of a block can be stifling.

This one is actually pretty self-explanatory: the way to help yourself this week is to accept the truth, no matter how hard that is. Communication is key in all aspects of life–work, school, love, and family all depend on open and honest communication in order to thrive. Don’t withdraw from those who are disagreeing with you, but instead try to figure out where they’re coming from. Once you have that insight into their mind, you’ll have a better idea of how to approach the conversation and show them your side of things.

2. What Will Hinder You?

Three of Hearts Reversed
Three of Hearts Reversed

This position contemplates the obstacles you may experience in the week to come.

Our second card is the “yes” card–or, officially, the three of hearts. It’s called that because it represents mutual support, teamwork, and encouragement. In its reversed placement, however, you’ll have some self-reflection to do, since it indicates that there are people in your life who care about you, but you’re not giving them the time of day. I’m not talking about a small crush or a selfish friend, but a relative or bestie who loves you and has your best interest at heart. Everyone has a different love language, and they’re doing everything they can to support you–but can you say that the reverse is true? Have you been putting your all into that relationship?

No matter what, you need to be sure that you nurture your bonds with the people who cherish you, because it seems that this week your weak bonds will be your downfall. Work on those weak links and support your loved ones like they supported you. Oh, and meditate on why it is you’ve been neglecting them–because by doing so, you’ve also been depriving yourself of some much-needed love.

3. What Is Your Unrealized Potential?

Queen of Hearts Upright
Queen of Hearts Upright

This position reveals your unrealized potential in relation to your week and its challenges.

Our final card for the week is the Queen of hearts upright. This card exudes femininity and is representative of a loving, emotionally-intuitive person in your life. They may be an empath, or simply a sensitive soul with lots of love to give. Either way, it appears that you will be able to turn to this person for emotional support, but be sure not to take them for granted. You never know what others are dealing with, and empaths have enough emotions to filter through as it is.

The potential you’ve yet to realize is how much of an asset your empathic friend can be to you during this week’s ordeal. They may be able to help you figure out the best way to communicate your thoughts to others–and if they’re one of the loved ones you’ve been neglecting, then you’re both long overdue for a heart-to-heart.

This Week’s Insight

Air and water, the elements represented in these cards; when you put them together, you have freedom and love, thoughts and emotions, communication and dreams, all rolled into one week. Invoke them both in your spells and meditations to ensure things go your way this week, and keep these points in mind: you must learn how to communicate effectively with those you’ve been clashing with; you must pay attention to your loved ones that you’ve been neglecting, whether intentionally or not; and at the center of it all, you’ll find a person who will help you tip the scales in your favor. They’ll be your confidante, your listening ear–someone to bounce thoughts and ideas off of while you work on your communication. Someone to vent to while you discern how best to approach those you care about. And, if they are in fact a neglected loved one, then you’ll be on the right path by reaching out to them–but make sure it isn’t all about you. See how they’re doing, too, or else you’ll lose someone special.

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Aerwyna Marvin

Guest poster

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