2022-2023 First Quarter – Events & Dates

Photo by Tengku Nadia on Unsplash

This has come a little late, but here are the dates for this quarter’s remaining school events. This list includes days off from school and clubs, special club-hosted events, festivals, practice start dates, games, and meets.

This Quarter’s Events

Apr 16Full Moon – NO CLUBS
Apr 17Undead Observance – NO CLUBS
Apr 22Earth Day – Environmental Club hosts Thrift Event
Apr 23Shakespeare Day – Drama Club presents Romeo & Juliet
Apr 24Deadline to enter Photography Club’s Quarterly Photo Contest
Apr 28Poetry Reading Day – Poetry Club hosts Poetry Slam in the courtyard
Apr 29Deadline to sign up for club/team tryouts & vote for yearly representatives
Apr 30-May 1The Beltane Festival – NO CLUBS
May 3Undead Observance – NO SCHOOL
May 6First day of practice – DEVILS
May 7Final tryouts – TRACK & FIELD
May 9First day of practice – TRACK & FIELD
May 11Eat What You Want Day – Special Lunch Buffet!
May 12Limerick Day – Poetry Club hosts Poetry Slam in the courtyard
May 14Rose Day – Horticulture Club hosts Rose Sale
May 16Full Moon – NO SCHOOL
May 20Endangered Species Day – Environmental Club & Animal Rescue Club host Pizza & Baked Goods Sale for charity
May 21Learn To Swim Day – Swim Team offers free swimming lessons to students
May 24Scavenger Hunt Day – Parkour Club hosts campus-wide hunt for a secret code
May 27First day of practice – SWIMMING
May 29First quarter ends
May 30Second quarter begins | First meet – TRACK & FIELD | Undead Observance – NO SCHOOL
Table of events for this remaining quarter

For a breakdown of what’s happening at the Beltane Festival, check out this article by Helena. I’ll provide new dates for next quarter’s events and holidays on Friday, May 27, and tune in next week where I’ll give you my predictions for the Drama Club’s cast and twists for their rendition of Romeo and Juliet. Enjoy your evening, Citizens.

Aspen Lawrence


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