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Welcome back to another grand year at the Academy of Occult Arts, Citizens! Aspen, president of the Journalism Club and editor-in-chief of The Arcane Citizen, is here to remind you that you have new student council members this year. As is AOA custom, the student council is filled with mostly seniors, save for the nine members that stand as representatives for each classification in the lower years. You have until May 1st to vote for your classification’s yearly representative–if you’re in the running, then that means that you have less than a month to promote yourself to your classmates, so do your best.

Here are this year’s student council members:

Council positionshuntershauntersenchanters
PresidentsZander WoodsAzriel AbbasMassimo Quercini
Vice PresidentsSebaysha FrankDuncanCalypso Melliadi
SecretariesRigby ThunderRinMihangyl Sarren
TreasurersDrake MorganMave HornKettia Thelemaque
HistoriansIfe NzoussiYejideZephyr Katsara
ParliamentariansDylan de la FuenteHasaanRadella Dow
ReportersEvora JohnstoneLongAlicia Gilbert
Committee Chair LeadersGavin HawthorneBrielle OcampoGunnar Naismith
Table of Student Council members for 2022

The above-listed council members were elected last December. They will oversee the election of this year’s remaining representatives:

Council Member – Senior Representative

Council Member – Junior Representative

Council Member – Sophomore Representative

Council Member – Freshman Representative

Each council (Hunters, Haunters, and Enchanters, respectively) requires one council member for each year. They should have your representatives chosen by April 29th, and I will report these new names to you later that evening. Use the next few weeks wisely–get to know your classmates, join clubs, and consider other ways to appeal to your peers.

This has been your weekly report on AOA news. Stay tuned next week, when I should have some confirmed dates for upcoming social events! Enjoy your evening, Citizens.

Aspen Lawrence


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  1. carideardo says:

    If you can see this, vote Lilly Naismith for Enchanter Sophomore Representative!

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