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June seems to be the month for relationship coverage, folks, because your weekly installment of Rumor Has It… has returned with another juicy dish! Today, we’re going over last week’s scene in the Intersection, the busy lobby at the heart of AOA. You know the one–it involves Vivienne Arthur and Storm Cloud, two young werewolves from the Denver Pack.

Editor’s Note: all views expressed in this post are purely speculative, and any “evidence” provided is coincidental. Arion Floros’ Rumor Has It… series is meant to shed light on rumors and discuss them openly. The Arcane Citizen is not making any claims in favor of or against the individuals mentioned below. All comments were shared with consent.

Let’s go over the incident, shall we?

Rumors began last Thursday when the two were heard bickering in the interception between classes. While the precise topic is unknown, witnesses at the scene heard Vivienne mention something about Storm’s posture.

“She kind of made it sound like they were embarrassing her by just standing near her,” commented Howl Queen, a werewolf from the Hollywood Pack. “I don’t know, dude. I wouldn’t deal with that, if I were them–I’d drop her before she tried changing anything else about me.”

Other sources claim the heir has spent most of their week with Cinnamon Swan, another freshman from their pack.

“Well, yeah, of course they walk around together,” shared Finn Piper, freshman from the Salem Pack. “Word around the campfire is that the two of them are old friends–I think they might even live next door to each other. Also, it’s not that weird for them to spend so much time together when they share a lot of the same classes–heck, I have them both in half of my classes. Not exactly a huge class.”

While young Piper brings up some wonderful points, last night’s Middy ventured from the norm as Storm and Cinnamon were seen sitting separate from their pack–Vivienne included. The two were seated at a group of tables that are usually overtaken by the acquaintances of one Cari de Ardo, freshman witch with friends in high places. Students from all classifications and grades have been seen sitting with the freshman since she arrived, which begs yet another question: is Cari out to usurp all the popular students in one fell swoop?

Think about it, Citizens: Lenora Hollingsworth, Enchanter student body president, has been the most popular witch since she arrived. Vivienne Arthur was also popular right off the bat–some might say she’s almost reached Adannaya Massiala’s level of notoriety in the Hunter community. There’s also the mysterious Blodwen, a ghostly beauty among the undead.

Then Cari arrived, and now she’s been garnering the attention that used to belong to these upperclassmen. One could very well argue that my articles have contributed to that, but I’m not the only reporter who’s written about Cari! Besides, I think we’re all well aware that the freshman would turn heads without my help.

So here’s your weekly scoop, readers: Storm broke up with Vivienne, and they may be dating their old friend Cinnamon. Rumors are circulating that Vivienne has moved on to Rigby Thunder, a junior from their pack. Lenora and Adannaya may have the wagons circling their respective usurpers, and Blodwen is just as pleasant as ever.

‘Til next week, folks–leave a like, drop a comment, and share this article with your friends! Kisses~

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