Mortimer’s Weekly Insight | June 14-20

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Editor’s Note: The following is a guest post by Mortimer Glossian, president of the Yoga Club and resident fairy fortuneteller.

Welcome back, fellow students, to another wonderful week at AOA! Did last week’s tarot reading ring true for you? Leave a comment down below if the advice of the eight of cups was exactly what you needed.

Our Cards This Week:

The Bond of the Numen tarot spread for this week.

1. Seven of Cups (Straight)

Seven of Cups

This position of the spread represents the element air and deals with the realm of the mind.

The cups are all about emotions and imagination, and the seven of cups is charged with imagination and potential. Considering it’s position, this card is depicting that there is the potential to transform dreams into reality.

2. Knight of Cups (Straight)

Knight of Cups

This position of the spread represents the element fire and deals with the realm of creativity, projects, and willpower.

This card might not be reversed, but it’s position in the spread is a tad concerning. The knight of cups is as carefree and non-committal as you can get; it may be implying that one should be more carefree with their creativity. However, it may also point out that your passive view of an important task or project is worth changing.

3. The White Numen (Reversed)

The White Numen (reversed)

This position of the spread represents the element water and deals with the realm of emotions and relationships.

This card is one of two cards made special for this deck! The White Numen is an inspiring card depicting creation by the will of the divine. In AlbaBG’s words: “The White Numen symbolizes creation through action.”

However, you may notice that this specialty card is reversed. Regarding its position and display, I would say that a creative individual may dive too deeply into their passion, throwing their relationships on the wayside. It is worth noting that your hobbies can be put down and picked up at any time; your loved ones may not always be there.

4. Six of Cups (Straight)

Six of Cups

This position of the spread represents the element earth and deals with the realm of practical matters, money, and health.

The six of cups represents selflessness! Don’t be afraid to sacrifice your time for those whom you care about. It’s okay to get sucked into the nostalgia every now and again–just don’t let it get in the way of what’s right in front of you.

5. Queen of Pentacles (Reversed)

Queen of Pentacles (reversed)

This position of the spread represents the element spirit and deals with your spirit ally.

An air of superiority emits from the queen of pentacles as she sits upon her nature-gifted throne. While she is known for vanity and healing, it’s best to keep in mind her reversed display. This card is a warning, dear readers, about dangerous life choices. Please keep this in mind if you are easily swayed or prone to addiction.

6. Four of Cups (Straight)

Four of Cups

This position of the spread represents the advice that you will need to pull everything off.

This card could not have come at a better time, because its message is this: sometimes you need to look at your life through a different perspective in order to fully cherish what you already have.

Thank you for reading this week’s insight with me, Mortimer. Please show your support by leaving a like on this post, and comment your favorite tarot suit! Blessed be.

Mortimer Glossian

Guest poster

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