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The final days of May brought us more than the end of the first quarter; it also gave us with the first swim and track meets of the year. Since then, there have been three swim meets, one track meets, a football game and a baseball game. There’s a lot of ground to cover, so I’ll go in chronological order:

30 May – 31 May & 5 June |AOA v. Multiple (Tri Meets)


Melusine Jordan and Nereus Pierson were a fantastic team in the 400 yard freestyle relay, though they met their match with the merfolk from Medarry. Wade Rivers and Secoiya Rieviere, however, outshined all as they nearly shattered the record for the fastest time in that same relay category. Newcomers Dorea Sidney and Meredith de la Fuente did well in their events; Meredith participated in the 100 yard butterfly and the 200 yard freestyle in memory of Plato Tyson, as those were his events.

After the team’s stellar performance on the last weekend of May, they passed the qualifications to enter in the championships. They nearly lost to the team from Grelerra on the fifth, but Deandrae Mayne and Delphine Jordan pulled in great scores from the 100 yard breaststroke and the 1 meter diving, respectively.

31 May |AOA v. Grelerra

Track & Field

The meet was kicked off with the usual 4×100 meter relay, in which Rigby Thunder, Aslan Theron, Laerdya Olaralei and James Stretch gave it their all and came out above Grelerra’s talented runners. I personally came in second in the 3200 meter race, but I won the 110 meter high hurdles. Thunder’s shot put and Cosmia Garcia’s discus throws had the other team’s jaws dropping over the werewolves’ unrivaled strength. Imani Boukama came in first in the 300 meter intermediate hurdles, shattering her previous record of 35.58 seconds by 2.4 seconds.

The final event was the 4×400 meter relay, where Seth Oliveira, Sythaeryn Venmoira, Dillon Reynolds, and Bose Dianzenza represented our school and nearly defeated the other school’s athletes. Unfortunately, Grelerra had us beat by half a second in that event, so I’m certain my teammates will beat them next time.

5 June – 6 June |Striders v. Vipers


This was an exciting match from start to finish! Zahra Silveira was in complete control of the team, which seemed to work in their favor. Sage Bloodworth and Massimo Quercini were a fantastic team on the field, as always. They put half the points on the board with some aid from Horace Bruton, who was intercepting the Vipers‘ passes left and right. Our own Arion Floros made some great plays of his own–it’s obvious that his ball-handling has improved greatly.

The winning shot of the second game was made by Conall Leonelis, earning the Magic Striders a spot in the championship quarterfinals. Go Striders!

6 June – 8 June |Devils v. Rockets


The Soryce Rockets were a formidable team, but they were no match for our Heavenly Devils. Rivers started the team out strong, pitching fasts and curves that none could predict. Freshman Scout Covarrubias made her debut not only as a pitcher, but at the bat. She made it all the way to third base before the ball had caught up to her, but her feet were on the base before contact could be made. Infielders Brielle Ocampo, Deryn Smyth, Hollae Newell, and Myrrh Fakrana were on fire as they anticipated the ball’s trajectory and showed a level of talent and teamwork that the Rockets generally lacked. Nice try Soryce, but the Heavenly Devils will take their 3-0 victory to the semi-finals.

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Sports Reporter

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