A Race To Remember

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It has been two weeks since the school-wide Beltane Festival took place, and the entire academy is still reeling from the excitement. Not only did Sage Bloodworth pose as an obstacle for those who tried out for the football team, but they also managed to be the only student to win Mortimer Glossian’s yoga challenge. The winner of the scavenger hunt hosted by the Parkour Club was won by our very own Axel de Ardo, and Storm Cloud’s Empty Obsessions played hit after hit. The real shock came when Caricia de Ardo won the broomstick race around campus–the first freshman in the history of AOA to win the race, and the first member of the De Ardo Coven to show an interest in any athletic club. The witches from her coven are more academically inclined; Wihnhilda Nurse, a senior and the de facto head of the De Ardo Coven for the past four years, is not only an accomplished member of the debate team, she is also the vice president for the Enchanter Student Council.

However, Caricia has proven that you can strive for both academic and athletic prowess–a trait she may have picked up from Massimo Quercini, who has revealed that the two are in fact half-siblings. Better known as Max or, “The Peacemaker,” he and Sage made headlines last year for being the first witches to join AOA’s football team. Some call his plays daring, like when he intercepted a pass between his own teammates in order to give Jude Bruton a taste of his own medicine. Max and Caricia most likely inherited their sense of justice from their father, Alfonso Quercini, the head of the Quercini Coven–the coven that founded L.O.R.E. and maintains order over the witch community.

As is her right, Cari de Ardo received a trophy and the title of Queen of the Lúnasa Games, the next festival and athletic competition to be held on campus. She will decide the theme for the games, so an announcement will most likely be made at the beginning of June regarding her decision. The freshman was also offered a spot in the High Flyers Club, which makes her the first freshman to ever be invited. Diego de Francesco, president of the club, extended the invite himself, which is also very rare. Some have speculated that Max, Diego’s superior, ordered the club president to invite Cari, but sources tell us here at the Citizen that Max has disapproved of Cari’s involvement in broomstick riding since the first day of school.

“I’ll be the first to admit my mistakes,” Max offered in a statement made after Cari’s big win. “I actually told her not to go through with this on numerous occasions–but I’m glad my words only fueled her love of the sport. She’s a great, talented rider, and I’m sorry that I didn’t believe in her before. I believe in her now.”

“I know how dangerous this sport can be, so I make a point to deny any freshman who wants to join us,” Diego shared. “When I heard that Cari had entered the race, I had made up my mind that there was no way in hell I’d let her in–but then I saw all the tricks she pulled to regain her lead. Dives, barrel rolls–she banks better than most of my team. I had my mind made, and she just went and changed it for me. She earned her spot, fair and square.”

Aspen Lawrence, our news reporter, also requested that I inform the readers to elect their council representatives before the end of the month. While the actual election for the major student council roles, such as president and treasurer, will be held at the end of the academic year, the representative you elect will represent your year and class until the beginning of next year. Your homeroom professors will also remind you and offer you a ballot, but it is your choice to contribute.

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